Cutting Edge: Cuts and Transitions in VR was a semester-long project at Carnegie Mellon's Entertainment Technology Center that explored the use of interactive cinematic editing in VR storytelling.
Project information
My Role: Co-Producer, Experience Designer, and Narrative Designer
Platform: Oculus Rift
Project Duration: 4 months, 2019
Development Website: link
Team: Sherry Fan (Co-Producer and Gameplay Programmer), Matt Floyd (Narrative Designer and Playtesting Director), Shana Joseph (Environment and Layout Artist), and Yui Wei Tan (Character Artist), Hongzhu Zhao (Tech Lead and Effects Programmer).
What is Cutting Edge?
Cutting Edge was a student pitch project at the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University whose goal was to explore how cuts and transitions from games and movies could not only be translated into a 3D space, but also how they could be further integrated into VR storytelling.
By the end of the semester, we created not only a complete 3-5 minute animated, interactive experience for VR that showcased the cuts and transitions we created, but also a development package containing the development tools we made to create our experience.
You can download our final experience here, or check out our tool package over on Github.
Additional Media​​​​​​
Behind the Scenes Videos
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