Assemblé was a VR experience created for Round 4 of Building Virtual Worlds at the Entertainment Technology at Carnegie Mellon University
Assemblé was originally designed for Round 4 of Building a Virtual World, a course offered during the introductory semester of the Masters of Entertainment Technology program in Carnegie Mellon's Entertainment Technology Center. For Round 4, our team was tasked with creating a 3-5 minute interactive story that a guest could experience and play through. My team and I developed the game over the course of two weeks, focusing initially on the experience of unpacking your stuff in a new city while feeling nostalgic about home. We eventually narrowed in on a story about an aspiring ballerina and her relationship with her mom that's communicated solely through the objects she takes out of one of her moving boxes.
You can read a little bit more about the project on the ETC website.
As Sound Designer, I either created or edited all of the sounds within the experience. This ranged from the sound effects heard throughout the experience, as well as the background music (arranged a cover of "Broken Moon" from the Touhou Project for music box and piano). Additionally, as I was in charge of recording the dialogue for the experience, I was also tasked with writing the narrative/script for our experience, which I did in collaboration with our two principal voice actresses.
My duties as Producer for Assemblé lay primarily in the logistical realm, arranging team and SCRUM meetings and making sure that the internal deadlines that we had set for certain assets and set-pieces to be completed were done by said date.

Platform: Oculus Rift
Team: Joey Yeo (Programmer), Tom Du (Programmer), Kristy Tsai (Artist), Jinyi Ye (Artist), Liam Philiben (Sound Designer/Producer)
Special Thanks to our voice actresses, Mollie Braley and Emily Viterise.

Courtesy of Tom Du
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